Are you looking for a cheap, reliable, up to date and target group oriented marketing tool to expand your brand and company popularity?

Are you looking for a cheap, reliable, up to date and target group oriented marketing tool to expand your brand and company popularity?
We developed for your demand!
INSHIPMENTS connects you with our members all over the world to exchange your advertisement inserts. Every campaign you start will give a 200% expansion in popular awareness with a direct connection to your target group. is a community called PBClub to exchange advertisement. The idea of is to find the ideal cooperation partner for a common marketing campaign. Members are asked to give as much information as possible about their target group like age, sex, interests, branches (B2B), etc.. These information of ones own target group and customer group is visible to all other members. To find the right partner you only need to enter your desired target group characteristics into the INSHIPMENTS search engine and all members with the same clientele will be listed.
To start a campaign and exchange flyers you need two find to partners. Every partner will send your advertisement inserts with his mail to his customers. So every customer will find two flyer in his package. The small number of inserts guaranties an intense contact to your marketing message.
That’s it.

  • Become a member
  • Describe your target group
  • find two partners
  • start a campaign
  • exchange your inshipments
  • gain 200% popularity

If that is not enough
We also offer you the chance to cooperate with our Word-of-Mouth members → WoMMs. The benefit of that is that WoMMs have the connection to your target group online! WoMMs have many contacts in a certain target group, e.g. consultants, service experts, media experts, artists, musicians, EMOs, Nerds, Geeks, DIYs, etc.
Our WoMMs are always up to date in online development and offer to you the chance to contact all of the friends, followers, etc.
What is the benefit of cooperating with WoMMs?
If your advertisement meets the expectations of your target group the contacts of your WoMM partner will initiate a domino effect and transport you message virally though the whole net.
Use this possibility efficiently to boost your popularity.
In exchange, you as “Paket Member” offer your analogue contacts for direct marketing through flyers.

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